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How many receiver boxes would you like to order


Premier ITEK subscription

Premier VIP Concierge Monitor / Receiver (€193.00)

Each Order comes with:
  • Premier VIP Concierge Monitor/Receiver
  • Remote control
  • EU power supply
  • Delivery include within the EU


Premier ITEK subscription for 1 receiver (€33.00 per month)

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Additional accessories

1.5m High Speed HDMI cable (€10.00/each)
3m High Speed HDMI cable (€10.00/each)
5m High Speed HDMI cable (€15.00/each)
2m High Speed Network cable (€10.00/each)
Additional remote control (€15.00/each)

Shipping destination

For shipping to all destinations other than EUROPE, please tick this option
Due to COVID related postage issues worldwide we would recommend this option for delivery within around 7 working days (will vary slightly dependent on destination)
Total cost:
€0.00 for equipment and delivery charges cost.

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Pay for Equipment
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